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Brand Story

Sphere Sport is a dedicated custom teamwear manufacturer based in China, serving brands across the US, UK, and Australia. With a commitment to pro-grade quality and exceptional customer service, Sphere Sport offers value-added services that set them apart in the competitive market. 

The Challenge

Sphere Sport, a sportswear manufacturing giant in China, was grappling with a colossal archive of over 10,000 production photos scattered across various locations and formats. These images were critical for showcasing their products to clients but were difficult to manage and retrieve efficiently. The company required a sophisticated organizational system that could categorize photos by sport and apparel type and allow for easy access and usage for different purposes.

The Solution

Our agency stepped in to tackle Sphere Sport’s photographic chaos. We conducted an extensive analysis of different sports categories to create a coherent folder structure. To ensure continued organization, we designed a training program for Sphere Sport’s staff, enabling them to adeptly use the new filing system. Additionally, we set up a streamlined process for managing the influx of new production images each week.

Photo Organization System

We have developed a detailed folder structure to classify photos by sport and apparel type.

Created duplicates of each image to allow for multifaceted categorization and retrieval.

Delivered comprehensive training for Sphere Sport’s team on the new organizational system.

Weekly Photo Management

Implemented a system to efficiently organize 100+ new production photos uploaded weekly.

Formulated training for the factory’s photography personnel to ensure consistency in photo quality, lighting, and positioning.

Established a seamless process for photo uploading, allowing our team remote access for prompt organization.

Website Integration and SEO

Each organized photo was converted into individual product listings on Sphere Sport’s website.

Performed SEO optimization and crafted detailed descriptions, exceeding 1000 words for each of the 500+ products.

Edited photos to remove backgrounds and client logos to prevent any potential conflicts.

Fabric Options Display

Included over 100 fabric options on Sphere Sport’s website, linking each to the corresponding products.

Ensured that fabric choices were well-represented and easily navigable for potential clients.

Product Catalog & Fabric Book

Used newly created product codes to create a full catalog of all the products they manufactured over the years.

Also created a fabric book for their clients’ reference using the organized production photos.

Through these tailored solutions, we not only simplified Sphere Sport’s internal photo management but also enhanced their online product visibility, leading to a streamlined experience for both their team and clients.

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