Apparel Design Services

We offer a range of services for apparel design, including 2D artwork, 3D mock-ups, and kit builder 3D models.

2D Artwork Mock-ups

Lay the perfect foundation with our 2D mock-ups

Using your template and adhering to your standards, we create graphic designs that are not only visually captivating but also production-ready, ensuring a seamless transition from design to delivery.

3D Apparel Mock-ups

Elevate marketing with 3D apparel mock-ups

Make a lasting impression with our 3D apparel mock-ups, allowing your clients to visualize the design more accurately. These tools go beyond aesthetics; they are designed to attract potential clients and enhance your marketing efforts, ensuring that your apparel not only fits but also captivates visually.

Kit Builder Designs and 3D Models

Enhance your kit builder with custom 3D models

If you’ve developed your kit builder with us or have your own kit builder subscription, we can assist you in adding custom designs to your existing 3D models or in creating entirely new models to upload to your kit builder.

Why Choose Sphere Services?

See what makes Sphere Services’ apparel design stand out from the competition

Apparel Design

We’ve designed countless 2D & 3D mock-ups in the industry, so we’re familiar with what specific apparel want in their designs.

Design Solutions

Outsourcing your mock-up designs with us allows you to only pay for what you need, scaling both up and down quickly.


Our lower overheads allow us to charge less, saving you money without compromising on quality.


We’ve optimized our processes to ensure timely results, allowing you to meet your clients’ expectations consistently.

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