Karen Shultz Real Estate

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Brand Story

Karen Shultz Real Estate is a reputable residential real estate company based in Atlanta, Georgia, with a special focus on assisting new homebuyers navigate the complex property landscape. Known for their dedication and expertise, they strive to make the home-buying process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The Challenge

The primary challenges for Karen Shultz Real Estate revolved around their sporadic marketing strategies and lack of a digital footprint. 

Without a website or cohesive brand identity, they struggled to reach potential clients and effectively communicate their unique value proposition in the bustling Atlanta real estate market.

The Solution

Sphere Services stepped in to revitalize the Karen Shultz Real Estate brand from the ground up. We created a comprehensive brand playbook to guide all marketing efforts, redesigned their logo to better reflect their identity, developed a user-friendly website, and provided eye-catching social media graphics

These efforts coalesced to establish a strong, consistent brand presence, opening up new avenues for client engagement and business growth.



Logo Design

This revamped logo combines a house with the letters “K” and “S,” symbolizing the ownership by Karen Shultz. We’ve kept the iconic house, chimney, and added gold windows to signify the warmth of a happy family at home. It’s a blend of tradition and innovation, reflecting the brand’s commitment to their clients.


Brand Playbook​

We created a bespoke brand playbook for Karen Shultz Real Estate, ensuring every design element aligned seamlessly with their unique identity, steering clear of generic templates. This comprehensive guide included mock-ups, applications, and all the traditional sections of brand guidelines, offering a complete, branded overview to maintain consistency across all their marketing efforts.

Web Development

Web Design & Hosting

We also developed a user-friendly website from scratch, starting with setting up reliable hosting and installing WordPress for a seamless content management experience. We crafted an initial mock-up design tailored to their specific requirements, ensuring alignment with their brand vision. After receiving client approval, we diligently transferred the design to WordPress, bringing their digital presence to life with precision and care.

Graphic Design

Visual Design

We created various graphic designs —social media cover images, banners, and email signatures —that perfectly capture their new identity.

Case Studies

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