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Brand Story

An up and coming brand in teamwear industry, Rokket Clothing’s dedication to quality is evident in every stitch and fibre, as they source only the finest materials to guarantee utmost comfort and wearability.

The Challenge

Rokket Clothing, aspiring to ascend as a frontrunner in the teamwear industry, was keen on taking their business to the next level. Their vision extended to diving into the retail apparel sector, aiming to carve a niche for themselves as a retail brand.

However, the journey was not without its hurdles. The company grappled with a trifecta of constraints: a tight budget, time limitations, and a lack of experience, albeit being armed with grand ambitions.

The Solution

Sphere Services rose to the occasion, crafting a tailor-made strategy that aligned seamlessly with Rokket’s financial framework. We ensured a steadfast commitment to delivering consistent and timely results, effectively managing the intricate aspects of the project on their behalf.

Our team provided end-to-end guidance, navigating them through the intricate process, and laying down the foundation for their transformation into a lead player in the teamwear and retail apparel domains.



Logo Design

We acknowledged Rokket’s need for a fresh and versatile logo suitable for both teamwear and retail. Through asking questions to draw out their vision, we were able to develop several concepts for the client to choose from. We then created several variations of the final version for use across different platforms and apparel types.


Brand Playbook​

Recognizing Rokket Clothing’s practice of outsourcing their design work, we developed a comprehensive brand playbook, laying out clear guidelines on logo usage, typography, color palettes, tone of voice, and visual assets. This playbook ensured consistency and alignment across all design endeavors, irrespective of the external teams involved.


Teamwear Logo Placement

We crafted detailed logo placement guidelines within the brand playbook, covering a wide range of apparel such as hoodies, shorts, and shirts. This ensured a standardized and efficient process for Rokket when communicating with manufacturers, saving time and ensuring consistency across all product lines.

Web Development

Web Design & Hosting

Rokket Clothing wanted a basic site to showcase their offerings and company information. We set up hosting and installed WordPress with our tested backend configuration. Our team then tailor-made a website featuring a home page, about page, contact page, team shops, and retail shop, complete with brand-aligned copy to clearly present Rokket’s brand values.

Web Development

Team Shop

Rokket aimed to establish team shops for their major clubs, enabling players and supporters to order custom apparel seamlessly. We devised cost-effective, creative solutions to meet their budget, ensuring the platform was user-friendly and allowed for the addition of sizes, names, and numbers to the apparel orders.

Graphic Design

Size Chart Guide

Rokket previously managed their size charts via Excel sheets, which would not be user-friendly for customers ordering from their site. To simplify the process, we created a comprehensive PDF document, incorporating all size charts and apparel graphics to illustrate measurement locations. We then uploaded this document to the website and provided a link on each product page, ensuring easy access for users without cluttering the product pages with individual size charts.

Graphic Design

Proposal Document

When Rokket was presented with the chance to submit a bid for a substantial school apparel contract, they faced a tight deadline and intricate instructions from the schools involved. To navigate through this, we compiled and clarified the requirements, producing an 18-page proposal document that was not only comprehensive but also meticulously aligned with Rokket’s brand identity, ensuring a professional and coherent submission.

Graphic Design

Sales Flyer

Rokket required a PDF showcasing their products to be sent to schools via email, aiming to facilitate meeting setups. They needed us to update the old logo to the new one in her product photos and to remove the backgrounds. We swiftly turned this around, ensuring the design was consistent with her branding, and delivered a polished, professional PDF to assist in her outreach efforts.


Lead Generation

Rokket aimed to connect with schools in her region, utilizing a sales flyer as a conversation starter for setting up meetings. We took on the task of inputting leads from a comprehensive website listing all primary and secondary schools in Queensland, totaling 1800 leads, each requiring 11 data points with additional research on the region. 


No. of Leads


Data Points

Despite the task being labor-intensive, taking over 100 hours of work, we managed to turn it around in just a week, facilitating Rokket’s outreach efforts promptly.

Graphic Design

3D Apparel Mock-ups

We created 3D apparel mock-ups for Rokket’s entire product line, enhancing their website and other marketing materials. Utilizing the 2D artwork provided by Rokket, we skillfully recreated these designs in 3D, offering a more dynamic and engaging visual representation of their products.

Graphic Design

Other Graphic Design

We undertook a variety of graphic design tasks for Rokket, ensuring each output adhered to their refreshed branding. This included designing stylish social media cover images, creating a promotional brand banner featuring the new logo, crafting an HTML email signature complete with social links and website, and preparing logo layouts for print shops, facilitating a cohesive and professional presentation across all platforms.

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