Team Shop Solutions

We offer customized team shop solutions for teamwear brands, ensuring a seamless ordering experience for your clients, fans, or supporters.

Tailored Team Shop Functionality

Our shops are customized to meet your unique needs.

This includes the option for custom sizing to ensure a perfect fit, seamless accounting automation to streamline your financial processes, the use of conditional fields to capture specific data, the flexibility to pay and ship items individually or combine them into larger orders for efficiency, as well as the ability to establish direct communication and notifications with your manufacturer.

These are just a glimpse of the comprehensive services we offer, with numerous other enhancements available to ensure your experience.

Efficient Team Shop Expansion

Our solutions enable cost-effective team shop expansion.

Once onboarded with our team shop solution, expanding to serve more teams can be accomplished with minimal costs. This enables you to add more teams, ensuring reorders and attracting other clubs looking for their own team shops.

Streamlined Process Integration

Our goal is to build a team shop that reduces the amount of manual input.

We do that by learning about your typical order process and looking for ways that we can automate tasks or data entry via custom fields on the client side or configuring the backend of the site.

This includes integrating with your accounting software, automating emails to the client at various stages, setting clear terms & conditions that must be agreed to, and more.

Why Choose Sphere Services?

See what makes Sphere Services’ team shop solutions stand out from the competition


From order flow to branding, our team shops are more than templates – they’re bespoke assets, crafted for you.


After setting up your shop with Sphere Services, it’s easy and cost-effective to add more teams and products.


Our offshore location allows us to provide premium service without the premium price tag.


From initial setup to post-launch, we’re here to continue to make sure everything functions well.

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