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Brand Story

Sphere Resources, located in China and led by an Australian founder, excels as a sourcing agency, seamlessly bridging the gap between Western companies and Chinese manufacturers. They offer a variety of trade solutions and specialize in tailoring their services to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring an efficient and simplified procurement process.

The Challenge

Sphere Resources needed to ensure that administrative tasks, especially during busy periods, were not neglected. The aim was to prevent clients from being caught off guard by shipping delays, to improve response times to quotes, and to keep clients informed about the status of their orders.

The Solution

Sphere Services worked to reduce the manual data entry and administrative workload for Sphere Resources’ team. This involved setting up systems to keep track of all orders and leads, following up with sourcing staff for any missing data, identifying and addressing process inefficiencies, and keeping tracking documents diligently updated.

Quote Tracking

The risk of overlooking valuable quotes was mitigated by ensuring timely responses. An online quote tracking list was developed, which included ten critical data points. We implemented a procedure for regularly adding and updating information on this list and initiated follow-ups with project managers for quotes pending over 48 hours.

Lead Qualification

We streamlined the process of lead qualification to prioritize and engage potential clients efficiently, ensuring that no opportunities were missed due to administrative oversight.

Order Tracking

We aimed to eliminate late order processing and shipping delays. An online tracking system was set up to include detailed order and production information. Regular status updates from the production managers were instituted, along with checks with forwarders after shipment. Clients received email updates about their order statuses.

Shipping Tracking

To avoid the issues of late or delayed shipments, we created an online tracking system that included all shipping details. Our process involved following up with sea and air shipments well before the expected arrival time and collaborating with logistics companies to ensure timely deliveries. Clients were kept informed about any changes.

Production Update Tracking

Order status reports were systematically provided to clients, featuring updated arrival dates, any delays, and other relevant updates. This kept clients well-informed about the progress of their orders throughout the production cycle.

By improving these internal processes, Sphere Resources was able to offer a higher level of service to their clients, ensuring that administrative tasks were handled efficiently and transparently, reflecting the company’s commitment to operational excellence.

Case Studies

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