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Brand Story

Edgy Sport is reshaping the teamwear industry with its innovative approach to custom sports uniforms and apparel. This emerging brand focuses on quality, modern designs, and user-friendly online ordering. Athletes and teams can easily personalize their gear, ensuring performance and style on the field. 

The Challenge

Edgy Sport wanted to offer a sophisticated kit builder on their website, filled with features and design options that would be easy for their customers to use. However, their team didn’t possess the necessary skills in web development and graphic design to set up such a complex system. They faced a considerable challenge due to the steep learning curve and time investment required.

The Solution

Sphere Services took on the task of understanding Edgy Sport’s needs for their kit builder. We managed the complex set-up process including CSS coding, software configuration, and graphic design. Our team handled the technicalities and ensured that the kit builder software was fully functional and tailored to the client’s specifications. 

Edgy Sport

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Unique Products


3D Models


Total Design

Color Options

To ensure consistency in production, we matched Edgy Sport’s existing CMYK color chart to the options available to users in the uniform builder software. This step was crucial to maintain color accuracy across all products and to make the production process more efficient.

Designs for Each 3D Model

We provided over 487 designs for each of the seven 3D models. Our team used a mix of our existing Kit Builder designs, along with creating new, unique designs from requirements given by Edgy Sport. We were also contracted to research several new designs and create them for the kit builder. We looked as was trending in teamwear for each sport and apparel type to accomplish this.

Custom Collar Styles

We enabled the kit builder to allow changes to collar styles on different shirts, both short and long-sleeved. Users could see these changes in real-time, including the ability to modify collar colors to suit their preferences.

Custom Fabrics

Edgy Sport wanted to offer multiple fabric options for their products. We created clear thumbnails that showed texture and added text that showed composition and GSM for each fabric type. Additionally, we set-up automatic price increases for premium options on a per garment basis. This feature let users easily choose different fabric types during their order process.

Logo Locations

We set up multiple logo locations and sizes within the uniform builder software, allowing users to upload their club and sponsor logos exactly without having to awkwardly drag it around.  Edgy Sport preferred to handle their teamwear logo placement on the garments themselves after receiving the design from their customers so we did not include this feature.

Category and Product Thumbnails

The client had very high standards when it came to the category thumbnails and to a lesser degree the product thumbnails. We were able to come up with several concepts for them to choose from that could be scaled easily as they added new products and categories. The final results are featured below:

edgy sport kit builder categories
Category Thumbnails
edgy sport kit builder product
Product Thumbnails

Custom Names & Numbers

Instead of using standard fonts, Edgy Sport preferred to incorporate vectors of the specific fonts and numbers they already used. We ensured these were also color-customizable in the kit builder and arranged their placement on each model according to their requirements.


At checkout, we gave users the option to either add player names and numbers directly in the uniform builder software or to download a spreadsheet, fill it out, and upload it. The payment system was integrated into WooCommerce, and after purchase, Edgy Sport received a detailed PDF outlining the customer’s design choices and specifications that can be forwarded to the manufacturer. 

2D Artwork

Sphere Services also took on the task of creating 2D artwork to streamline production. We converted Edgy Sport’s 3D designs on the kit builder into 2D mockups that could be easily sent to the sublimation manufacturer to ensure the final product matched the designs approved by the customers with minimal turnaround.

Layout and Integration

Once the kit builder was featured completed, we embedded it on a page in their website and linked their products on the site directly to their corresponding kit builder product. Our work extended to customizing the website’s CSS to align with Edgy Sport’s branding and style preferences. We increased the size of the 3D design previews and updated the color scheme throughout the kit builder.

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