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Brand Story

Sphere Services, based in Cebu, is a pioneering marketing agency dedicated to empowering brands. With a focus on cost-effective strategies, they specialize in maximizing impact while minimizing expenses. Their innovative approach has helped numerous businesses amplify their presence and achieve more with less, making them a go-to partner for efficient and effective marketing solutions.

The Challenge

Our team juggles a myriad of tasks – from ongoing administrative work like shipping tracking follow-ups for clients to creative endeavors in SEO, graphic design, and web development. The complexity increases with tasks having varied cost structures: fixed cost, no cost for internal tasks, and hourly rates. This diverse billing needed distinct workflows for invoicing and execution.

Additionally, distinguishing between “tasks” and “issues” (minor problems requiring attention) became crucial. Our challenge was compounded by the need for effective communication to ensure clarity of requirements and maintenance of quality.

The Solution

Our quest for an ideal project management tool was met with frustration. Existing apps either offered an overwhelming array of features or required expensive customization. This led to significant setup time, compromise on functionality, and still left us with gaps in our workflow.

Birth of Our Custom Portal

Recognizing these gaps, we embarked on developing our custom client portal. This wasn’t just a task management tool; it was a comprehensive solution tailored to our unique needs. Our goal was the revolutionize our day-to-day operations and streamline ordering and communication with our clients.

Task and Project


Our portal’s task and project management capabilities are finely tuned to our operational needs. Tasks are clearly differentiated by their nature and billing structure, ensuring seamless invoicing and execution. The portal incorporates features we loved from previous tools, like comments and email notifications, while eliminating unnecessary complexities. This balance has significantly reduced the time we spend on administrative oversight.

Knowledge Base and HR Integration

A standout feature is the integration of our knowledge base. Staff can effortlessly access and update relevant articles, fostering a culture of shared learning and responsibility. The HR functionalities, including time-off requests, overtime recording, and tracking of sick days, have centralized our human resource management, enhancing efficiency and transparency.

CRM, Lead Tracking, and Client Interface

Our portal evolved to include CRM and lead tracking, vital for our client relationship management. The client-side interface, offering real-time updates on orders and reporting for SEO and social media, has elevated client engagement and satisfaction. This level of customization and real-time interaction was simply unachievable with off-the-shelf project management tools.

The Impact: Efficiency, Accuracy, and Innovation

The introduction of our internal app has been transformative. We’ve witnessed a notable reduction in human error and a decluttering of our task lists. The ability to rapidly add new features as needed, without the constraints of pre-built platforms, has been liberating. Our staff are more focused and less prone to mistakes, thanks to streamlined choices and clear task organization.

Order Management

We developed an intuitive client-side interface for Sphere Services, enhancing their order management. Clients can now track order progress, comment, approve or request revisions, and access detailed SEO/social media reports. The portal allows for easy new order placement and keeps clients informed with email notifications. Plus, viewing past orders, including deliveries, is seamlessly integrated, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

Kit Builder Database Management

We established a comprehensive database for our custom 3D builder models at Sphere Services. This database effortlessly catalogs each design, making tracking and updating models a breeze. It’s also streamlined for showcasing to clients, ensuring they have immediate access to our latest innovations and designs. This organized system significantly enhances our project management and client presentation capabilities.

Simplifying and Enhancing

Merging 25 different spreadsheets into one comprehensive app has not only simplified our operations but also provided a clearer overview of our projects and tasks. This has significantly decreased the time we spend on administrative tasks, allowing us to focus on strategic growth and client relationships. Watch this demo video to get a glimpse of our client portal.

Our journey in developing this internal app at Sphere Services is a testament to the power of customization and innovation. It’s not just about managing tasks; it’s about creating a tool that adapts to our needs, grows with us, and continues to evolve. We’re proud to share this case study, not just as a showcase of our internal project but as an inspiration for others facing similar challenges. Here’s to embracing change and driving efficiency in the most practical and user-friendly way!

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